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Bouquets and Gifts

Special Occasion Floral Gifts

We carry a wide range of fresh flowers to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular products are shown below. Please call, email or stop by for more information on products, current promotions and customer options. We provide flowers suitable for all occasions; New Homes, New Baby, Birthdays, Anniversaries (we can add certain items or wrap the flowers in a colour theme to mark the wedding anniversary years) Thank you bouquets, Get well, sympathy and so on.

We can work to every budget just tell us what you’d like to spend and we’ll tell you want we can do!


Mixed Handtied Aqua packs from £35

Handites unless specified come with self contained water and a gift bag to support them, which are perfect for the recipient maybe who is unwell or busy as they are already arranged and can stay in their own water for up to 48 hrs.Then popped in a vase with no need to arrange. they come in any colour or style requested to suit the recipients home decor and tastes. average spend is £40 plus.


Large luxury Handtied from £50

These handtied bouquets are delivered in their own water presented in a luxury gift bag, they are a fabulous gift with no need to rearrange or put in a vase. they can be designed in any colours and styles requested, or leave it to us to use whats beautiful and in season. average spend for a Large bouquet is £55-£66.


Spring posy handtie from £20

Spring posys are a short compact style using the seasons best spring flowers often English grown. they start from £15 average spend is £25-£35 prepared and wrapped with water.


Hat Box Arrangements from £35

Hat Box arrangements are a luxury gift for any occasion, they are self contained in water and can be designed in any colours or style. Average spend for a Hat box is £45-£50.

posy dish

Posy arrangements from £20

Posy dishes are arranged in a small dish in Oasis so they are in water and can be placed on a table or mantelpiece and just need to be topped up with fresh water every couple of days. They are great for people with little room and vases. average spend is £25-£35.

Basket Arrangement

Basket arrangements from £35

Baskets are self contained in oasis so in water so can me placed on a reception room table or mantelpiece they can be designed front facing or an all round deign, they can come in any colours and styles requested. so little maintenance other than being watered every other day. average spend is £55.

luxury container arrangemnt11

Luxury Container arrangements from £75.00

These are large fresh Flower or planted arrangements to make a statement, we can design in any colours and styles to suit any decor/taste.

trough arrangement

Trough arrangement from £35

We stock a range of containers to arrange flowers in to provide a rustic or modern display, so we can for-fill many styles and themes. Just give us your brief or colour scheme. all in water for little maintenance for the recipient.