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Tropical Front facing orchid arrangement £70Orange and purple Handtie £25Olympic window display 2012Orchid cube arrangement £45Cottage Garden Posy £25.00
Summer garden £35.00Tall Front facing Basket £50 Summer Posy dish £20.00 Classic Elegance in  a pot £30Colour Burst basket £25
Peaches and cream Basket £40 5 ft Cream and Blues double ended spray £150Hot pink roses and white Wreath Ring 12" £50
Pretty in pinks open Heart £85Summer open heart £85Gordons Gin bottle £55 Huge Micky Mouse £200Telephone Box £95
A Gardeners Heart £65Large Strawberry and Raspberry Wreath £85Strawberries and cream Double ended spray £95Fire place arrangement £170
Small Fire place arrangement £70Fresh Stair way garland from £45 a meterLarge Christmas Fire place arrangement from £2203 single ended sprays £60 each
Large handtied Aqua pack £50Angel tribute £150Large tropical handtied Aqua pack £502D camper van £2005 x natural Panted baskets for casket top £185
wicker casket dressing £175  Wicker casket dressing £175large 6 foot double ended spray of 14 components see details aboveCompact Scented Hat Box £55
Large Luxury Hat Box £85 Mixed Pastels Hatbox £55 Heart Pad £65Large pastel Pink Double ended spray £250Large Rose Wreath Ring
Champagne Hat Box £95multi coloured MUM frame £150NAN wreath ring £75Modern Orchid casket display £250 Large Mixed mauves Handtied Aqua pack £60
2.5 foot hanging Pomander Ball £250Large Blue and white posy pad £85Small white posy pad £45Large Sunflower wreath ring £55Brown Teddy with sunflower corsage £120
Edible Mixed Vegetable bouquet £40Compact white heart £65 luxury Dressed Wicker Casket spray and garland £375
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